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Upgrade Packages

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‘Time to unwind’

It’s our guests favourite part of the day , a time to snuggle up in their luxurious cosy suites and settle down for the evening with the log fire crackling. What better time to take advantage of our bedtime upgrade. This includes a creamy bowl of milk (lactose free), a tasty chew stick (with a choice of chicken & liver or salmon and trout), and a bed time story from our delightful lavishly illustrated Wind In The willow collection, followed by tuck in time.

£6.00 per night

‘Time to energise’

This is one of our favorite packages, the ultimate catnapping experience which includes a lush freshly grown bowl of organic wheat grass with enough for multiple guests for their entire stay. A catnip mouse hunter toy with real mouse sounds, perfect for mental and physical stimulation. Cat nip bits which are delicious and healthy crispy treats filled with catnip paste, truly irresistible. To round off the fun we introduce 20 minutes of chasing our organic catnip bubbles.

£20.00 for the duration of the stay

‘Time to relax’

There is nothing more relaxing than our signature massage and rejuvenation package. This is truly a time to soothe, calm and relax every part of our guest’s bodies from the tips of their ears to the tips of their toes. Luminara virtual flame affect candles to lift and relax their senses. To add to the experience we offer peaceful music and sounds that will aid our guests to enjoy the  tranquillity and calm. During the massage we use heated cloths to relax and soothe followed by mini groom and shine.

The experience will last 20 minutes £15.00

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