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IMG_8213Each of our 12 luxurious suites are designed and decorated to the highest standards you would expect from a 5 star experience.

Our designer bespoke wrought iron 4 poster beds come complete with cut glass crystal balls and the softest cotton bedding with goose feather cushions.

Luxurious rich damask décor line the walls of our bedrooms with woodland animal art to compliment the theme.

Every suite has a stimulating activity area where our guests can view our large flat screen TVs. Throughout the day they will be able to view a selection of wildlife DVDs including virtual aquarium fish tank, bird cage, woodland animals, waterfalls, seashores and butterfly meadows. In the evening we play crackling log fires to help our guests unwind and relax ready for supper time treats and tuck in time.

All our suites have under floor heating and offer floor to ceiling activity walls. Our bespoke and unique real scratching trees with chilling platforms give our guests the option to view other guests in our hotel through our floor to ceiling glass viewing walls. Bubble water features with swimming fish, toys and accessories, large windows and viewing shelves which enables guests to go out into their out door chilling balconies.

Each of our 12 suites have an animal theme and we have taken time in choosing the décor with the right colors and textures to compliment the animal, below are our suites for you to view.

Thumbnail image of The Woodland Suite

The Woodland Suite

This is a unique end suite with additional facilities, including extra outdoor multi facing out door balconies overlooking our woodland, super sized activity wall, two windows and private en suite TV. The Woodland Suite is a truly luxurious, stimulating and spacious experience for those guests who love to stretch out. Our woodland animal art and trees compliment the silver and grey hues to make it a magical room to stay.

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Thumbnail image of The Red Squirrel Suite

The Red Squirrel Suite

Our Red Squirrel Suite brings you the shades of Autumn, cobwebs glistening like silver threads, deciduous woodland , burnished reds and rusty browns and golden leaves floating from barren branches. Under floor heating in all suites keeps our guests all warm and cozy. Our virtual log fires are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere to snuggle into our goose feather cushions on those chilly autumn evenings.

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Thumbnail image of The Grey Squirrel Suite

The Grey Squirrel Suite

Branches creaking, leaves rustling, wind whistling through the silver tree tops and squirrels chattering in the willows and oak trees is the theme of the Grey Squirrel Suite. whether you fancy a little snuggle in our cozy snug or  watching the other guests on our elevated viewing shelves, this suite has it all.

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Thumbnail image of The Bumble Bee Suite

The Bumble Bee Suite

A spring garden with hues of purple flowers in full bloom, foxgloves, lavender, fresia and sweet peas, bumble bees busy buzzing around collecting nectar is the colour scheme we have chosen for this suite. Our floor  to ceiling activity shelves are perfect for those energetic guests who fancy stretching their paws.

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Thumbnail image of The River Trout Suite

The River Trout Suite

Picture the River Trout gliding through the beautiful crystal clear calm waters with green, blue and silver hues. We have created a calming, luxurious, relaxing suite. What better place to watch the world go by and take in our beautiful county side and wildlife.

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Thumbnail image of The kingfisher Suite

The kingfisher Suite

Imagine a stunning Kingfisher, with brilliantly coloured turquoise plumage swooping down and plunging into the silver sparkling river, this is what you will find in our kingfisher Suite.  Our attention to detail shows in every aspect from the Swarovski crystals on our in room A La Care menu to our crystal cut balls on our beds.

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Thumbnail image of The Butterfly Suite

The Butterfly Suite

A gentle delicate vision of beauty with colourful vibrant pinks is what you will find in our stunning Butterfly Suite. Our feature wall is laced with hot pink damask wall paper which goes perfect along side our vibrant pink satin cushions with regal silver embroidery. What better place for a little fun playing with our interacting mischievous firefly’s.

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Thumbnail image of The Barn Owl Suite

The Barn Owl Suite

Moonlit magical woods, silver treetops, stunningly beautiful plumage laced with silver, grey and white captures the theme of our Barn Owl Suite. Sink your paws into our scrumptious goose feather bedding or climb to the top of our bespoke hand made scratching trees perfect for sharpening claws.

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Thumbnail image of The Hummingbird Suite

The Hummingbird Suite

Our Humming Bird Suite creates the stunning vivid purple shades of plumage, our feature wall is bang on trend dressed with a paneled leather look design which compliments our glass panel bed head with regal silver scrolling. All our guests water is served in glass bottles and fine porcelain heart design dishes.

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Thumbnail image of The Field Mouse Suite

The Field Mouse Suite

Imagine strolling through a rich red poppy field with golden corn on a warm summers day that is what we have created in our field mouse suite. Our feature wall is full of delicate ruby red poppies which compliment our beautiful embroidered bedding and rich red satin  goose feather cushions perfect for a little ‘me time’.

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Thumbnail image of The Peacock Suite

The Peacock Suite

The Peacock Suite boasts a very elegant style with beautiful sheens of blues and greens, our feature wall is covered in rich damask green which compliments the stunning satin blue bedding with goose feather cushions. Our bespoke four poster bed with cut class crystal is perfect for relaxing on those lazy days.

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Thumbnail image of Badger Suite

Badger Suite

Attractive prominent colours of black and silver damask cover the walls of the Badger suite, if a little fresh air is needed our chilling verandas are perfect for a spot of bird watching.

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