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Facilities at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

Climbing trees

Our bespoke handmade climbing trees are  individually designed  from renewable sources at ‘The Ings’ woodland.  Manilla natural rope is incorporated into the design for scratching stimulation. These trees are hygienically sealed using natural pet friendly products.

Bubble water features

Our bubble water features are perfect for visual stimulation , with mood lighting, relaxing bubbles and swimming fish they are perfect to watch while chilling on our climbing tree platforms.

Fire Flies

All guests have a ‘virtual’ pet firefly in their suite, they are mischievous little characters and will interact with our guests with a touch of a paw!

Flameless candles

We use Luminara battery operated flameless candles which  are very realistic and safe. Every evening can be a Spa evening at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel.

Lighting system

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel uses an energy saving LED ‘mood’ lighting system to create a relaxing Spa experience for guests. With infinite lighting options a mood can be created to suit all tastes. On Saturday nights we have the famous Ings disco and light show!

Virtual televisions

All guests have access to 42inch flat screen TV’s playing virtual fish aquariums, bird cages, rain forests, seashores, crackling log fires all with soothing background music.

Pet jelly fish

Our pet jelly fish are relaxing to watch. (but don’t tell the guests they are not real)

Pet portraits

Christine painted our amazing portrait in our hotel reception, she loves painting animals and natural forms, she enjoys experimenting with different media and subjects, Christine is able to do commissions for that lasting keepsake of a loved one.

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