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VIP upgrade packages


‘Time to unwind’

It’s our guests favourite part of the day , a time to snuggle up in their luxurious cosy suites and settle down for the evening with the log fire crackling. What better time to take advantage of our bedtime upgrade. This includes a creamy bowl of milk (lactose free), a tasty chew stick (with a choice of chicken & liver or salmon and trout), and a bed time story from our delightful lavishly illustrated Wind In The willow collection, followed by tuck in time.

£10.00 per night

‘Time to energise’

This is one of our favorite packages, the ultimate catnapping which includes a lush freshly

grown bowl of organic wheat grass with enough for multiple guests for their entire stay. A catnip mouse hunter toy with real mouse sounds, perfect for mental and physical stimulation. Cat nip bits which are delicious and healthy crispy treats filled with catnip paste, truly irresistible. To round off the fun we introduce 20 minutes of chasing our organic catnip bubble

£25.00 for the duration of the stay

‘Time to relax’

There is nothing more relaxing than our signature massage and rejuvenation package.

truly a time to soothe, calm and relax every part of our guest’s bodies from the tips of their ears to the tips of their toes. Luminara virtual flame affect candles to lift and relax their senses. To add to the experience we offer peaceful music and sounds that will aid our guests to enjoy the  tranquillity and calm. During the massage we use heated cloths to relax and soothe followed by mini groom and shine.


The experience will last 20 minutes £20.00


Party packages

‘Birthday celebration / themed Parties’

why not let your loved ones experience an amazing  themed birthday celebration. This includes birthday gift, photo update package, A La Carte meal, cocktail, birthday cake and disco.


‘Wedding celebration’

Your loved ones can also share in celebrating a unique wedding day to remember. We will create wedding celebrations on your special day, this includes a bespoke themed party with wedding decor, gift A La Carte meal with bubbly, photo update package, wedding cake followed by evening party


Bar and Snacks

Take advantage of our room service with Bar and snacks, with a choice of mouthwatering, snacks, treats and drinks, topped up for the duration of your stay


Movie Night

Rent a movie for the ultimate relaxing evening choose from comedy, thriller, romance, nature or musical. 

With popcorn  Dreamies, ice cream (0.1% lactose) with fishy sprinkles and a chewy flake. 


Laser experience

Get ready to paw-ty! Your beloved cat is in for an electrifying VIP experience with a laser rave show, yummy cat treats, and interactive games. Your loved ones will feel like the coolest cats in town with this purr-fectly exciting package. Let’s light up the night and make it a paw-some time for your fur babies!



Why not treat your cat to something special ? with the The Ings fine dining.

Experience The Ings A La Carte dining in the comfort and privacy of your own suite.

Our gourmet in-room dining menu is served on fine bone china exactly how you would like it.

We have created delicious, inventive dishes that focus on using fresh locally sourced seasonal ingredients. There are many organic elements to our menus for lunch and dinner every day.

Please feel free to look at our menu board in reception on arrival, Why not treat your cat whilst you’re on holiday? You can book room service from your holiday destination at any time via text or email.

Should you wish to book in-room dining before you arrive please feel free to call or email us.

If guests would prefer anything different from our menu please let us know, we are more than happy to accommodate your cat’s individual needs.

Want to mix and match? Not a problem most guests choose lunch from our regular menu and dinner from our A La Carte Menu or maybe a special dish for the weekend.

Our A La Carte Menu is charged at £8.00 per meal.

Savory skewers trio

A mouth watering combination of king prawns, juicy organic lamb and free range chicken chunks grilled to perfection in a little olive oil.

Hearty liver stew

Beef liver braised till succulent and tender with a hint of crème fraiche and a sprinkle of parsley.

Whitby catch of the day

Fresh line caught fillet of sea bass pan fried in a touch of organic butter simple but delicious and tasty.

Seafood Medley

Our most popular choice a mouthwatering combination of succulent prawns steamed cod fish chunks and juicy salmon flakes.

Simply prawns

our signature dish responsibly sourced Canadian cold water prawns succulent and juicy garnished with a sprinkle of fresh catnip.

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